Celebrities who became famous after death

Everyone wants to be the best in their own field. Sports, art, acting, painting or even science are no exception to the rule of love of fame. Have you ever thought that fame should happen when you enjoy it?
If everyone knows you when you are no longer in this world, you will definitely lose the joy of being known. Interestingly, despite the fact that fame is thought to have a significant impact on everyone’s life, we know important people who did not have much of a reputation during their lifetime and became famous after death.

To prove this claim, it is enough to have a brief look at history. We know many successful painters, directors, writers and figures who, despite being very successful people, failed to achieve significant fame during their lifetime, and after the train of life. They reached the last station and left the world, their names fell on the tongues and they became world famous. Here ,we will introduce some of these famous people whose fame happened after their death.

His films became more famous after his death

who? Bruce Lee

It is impossible to be a fan of action movies and not know Bruce Lee. Even if you are not a fan of this style of film, you must have heard the name of Bruce Lee for once, but I must say that this famous athlete-actor, although he was famous during his lifetime, but after his death, he gained more strange fame. Brought. It is interesting to know that during his lifetime, only the film Green Hornet was shown in the United States, and his brilliant film (The Dragon Enters), Enter the Dragon, which made him internationally famous, was shown only in China, and a month after his death in the United States. Released.


It is a fact that Bruce Lee was not alive when almost all of his films were shown abroad. After his death, when his films were released in the world, Lee gained a lot of fame and fortune and still earns millions of dollars a year, only a pity that he does not get it and no longer suffers!

Sell ​​only one painting before death

who? Van Gogh

You may know Van Gogh today as one of the greatest artists in the world, whose work in painting was first-rate, but he was not only not known in his time, but he was able to sell only one painting, the income of which was only 400 francs!


Of course, when he died, he left about 2,000 works of art, including famous paintings, some of which are sold for tens of millions of dollars. Throughout his life, this great painter struggled with some severe mental illnesses, such as depression and epilepsy, and possibly several other illnesses that were not detectable at the time, to the point that he cut off his ear.

Earn Oscar after death

who? James Dean

You definitely know the bad guy in Hollywood movies. He has been nominated for two Academy Awards and is the only actor to win the title since his death. His accident with his Porsche led to his death, and this death made him a legend in the film and cinema industry. James Dean starred in such popular films as “East of Paradise” directed by Elia Kazan, “Giant”, and “Rebellion Without Reason”, but died before his films were released. Experience real fame.


The untimely death of this handsome young actor made him even more famous, and even half a century after his death, we are still witnessing a memorial service for James Dean. James Dean’s role in “Rebellion Without Reason”, which portrayed an angry and rebellious teenager, made him a prominent figure in the world of clothing, and it is unlikely that the memory of this actor will soon be erased from the minds of his fans.

The Unknown Creator of the Hulk

who? Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby was an American author, editor, publisher, and book designer. Together with Stanley and several other designers, he has created many characters, including Captain America, The Amazing Four, Silver Surfer, The X-Men, and The Hulk. We know them today as Marvel Comics.


Kirby was instrumental in designing Avengers, The Incredibles 4, and many other movie characters. Unfortunately, Kirby was once paid for his work, and since Stanley was Marvel’s face, Kirby was relatively unknown outside the world of comics until his death in 1994. It was after his death that everyone got to know him and realized that Kirby had helped build the characters known as Stanley.

Earn multiple playwriting awards

who? Jonathan Larson

Jonathan Larson was an American composer and playwright. On the morning of the first performance, Larson died of aortic stenosis.


The play “Rent” was seen again and again after Larson’s death, and was a great success, earning him three Tony Awards after his death, which are among the most prestigious awards in the field of playwriting.

His poems were found in his bedroom

who? Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was an American poet whose only 10 poems were published in her lifetime. After the death of Emily’s younger sister Lavinia, she found a collection of 1,800 poems in her bedroom, and all of these poems were finally published four years after her death.


He, like the other celebrities you met on this page, was noticed after his death.

Owner of one of the most expensive works of art in the world

who? Paul Gauguin

Paul Gauguin is a French painter and sculptor. By creating illustrations of social stories, he crossed the boundaries of time and bridged the gap between reality and imagination, so that today he is known as one of the most famous artists in European history, and his ideas have opened a new path for other artists.


Gauguin’s art did not sell well in their home country of France, where they were not ready to accept his style, and no one understood the value of his art. This led him to move to one of the Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific, where he ended up living in poverty. Gauguin’s work was acclaimed after his death with “When Will You Get Married?” With sales of over $ 300 million, it is one of the most expensive works in the world to date.

Has a popular voice

who? Robert Johnson

Legend has it that Robert Johnson traded with the devil for his guitar skills! He was one of the best guitarists in the world, but was accidentally poisoned in 1938 at the age of 27 and later died.


Johnson’s work sold little during his lifetime, but gained a large following years after his death in 1961, when a number of his songs were re-released as an album. After that, Johnson became very popular and famous, but unfortunately he was no longer in this world to taste the sweet taste of fame.

Author of the creator of the three millennia

who? Stig Larson

He is a Swedish journalist and writer. Larson is the creator of the Millennium Trilogy, which has always been one of the best-selling books in the world over the past few years. In his books, we are dealing with fascinating crime novels that have received much praise from literary societies. Larson died suddenly of a heart attack in 2004.


A year after his death, his first book was published. Based on this book, a movie was made in 2011 and won the Oscar. Larson’s friends and acquaintances claimed after his death that he was a heavy smoker and did not care about exercise or health.

His name was not on his books

who? Jane Austen

You probably know Jane Austen from the novel Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen was not very popular during her life, and to be honest, she wanted to be popular and famous for decades, but she did not achieve it. Austin is one of the authors whose works became more widely read and famous after his death.


For many years after he started writing, the name of a lady was written on the cover of his books and it was not his name. Although the novelist did not become famous during her lifetime, in 2017 a picture of Jane Austen was printed on the back of ۱۰ 10 banknotes in the UK. She is the only woman other than the Queen of England whose image is now printed on British banknotes.


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