Celebrities Instagram in the Past Week; from Beckham’s family to Jonas’s family.

Celebrities Instagram

What Had Happened in Celebrities Instagram?

These days, Instagram has become a diary for a lot of people ( Celebrities Instagram ) . Many of the well – known faces in the art and sports world are in touch with their fans around the world. On the other hand, they try to gain more fans, which is converted an important match between the celebrities.
Sometimes they share photos with a lot of Controversial news which is caused people’s attention to them, and so make more reputation and famousness for them. In this series, we want to share photos of your favorite face in the week with you.

1.Rihanna in the newest Photoshop for “GARAGE” magazine.


2. LadyGagaandBradleyCooperintheopeningceremonyofafilm “A star is born” at the Festival of Venice It issaidthatLadyGagahas a possibilitytobeScar candidate for her role in this film!


3. Natalie Portman riding a boat in beautiful Venice.


4.  “Felicity Jones” on the cover of the magazine “Venetia Fear”.


5. “Selena Gomez” , recently has spoken in an interview of “AL” magazine about the overdose of “Demi Levetou”. She has not like journalist’s perception of her words and what was written on the cover of the magazine, and she wrote a long letter to the fans about this under this picture.


6. Most likely, Angelina Jolie will completely disappear from slimming, one of these days.


7. Victoria Beckham and all her children on the cover of Vogue magazine, of course, Mr. Beckham was present in the other photos of the commentary.


8. “Ema Stone” and “Lara Dorne” at the Telluride Film Festival.


9. Hugh Jackman, who traveled to Colorado to attend the Telorida Film Festival, also used the beautiful nature of the region by going to cycling and maintaining physical fitness.



10. Nicole Kidman and his wife, Keith Erben, For the opening of the new film by Nicole, “Destroyer”, appeared at the Telluride Film Festival.


11. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are buying on Rudy Drive Which is known for its luxury stores.


12. “Ariana Grande “congratulated all his fans on the beginning of September and wished them the smiling lip.


13. David Beckham is shaving his 16 – year – old boy’s mustache! He congratulated him with this photo.


14. Caylee Jenner had shocked everybody last week by displaying of The corners her house.


15. Henry Quelle During a trip to China for the press tour of the new movie “Mission Impossible”, He also did not miss the tourist attractions of this country.


16. ” Ed Sheeran ” After a brief presence in the series ” Game of the Throne ” series has now played in a movie that plays his own role. The film, which has not yet been named, will be released next September.


17. We ‘re talking about it a bit late, but we didn’t get the right photo before. Chris Pert, who had been separated from Ana Faris last year, started a new relationship with Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


18. Apparently, Justin Bieber is pleased with his mustache and this new style that he has chosen for himself, and he was not going to change it.


19. Ryan Gosling at the opening ceremony of The First Man at the Venice Film Festival.


20. Jennifer Garner congratulated all, and especially the mothers, at the start of the new school year with the image of a mother at the beginning and end of the summer.


21. What do you think is the cause of the weight fluctuations of Christina Aguilera?


22. Sean Mendes once again shared one of the report photos of The Variety Magazine.


23. ” Margo Robbie ” in a Promotional post – environmental for Nissan.


24. Ellen  DeGeneres at the beginning of the sixteenth season from Ellen Shu.



25. The ” Drake ” face is not satisfied with the service he received!


26. ” Jensen Eccles ” congratulated him with this picture of the birth of Richard Spit, the same gentleman who is less obvious than his face. This is also a new way.


27. The “rock ” under this post said that his dreams were not fulfilled and that sometimes the best thing that can happen to one person is to not fulfill one of his dreams, Like himself, if he been to become a footballer And the game was reached in the American National Football League.  he was not The Rock now!


28. “Camila Cabello” hit a new record, becoming the first female artist that just had more than a billion times play on her song on “Spotify”!


29. Perhaps, Sabrina Carpenter, in her choice of dresses, made a mistake in her father’s wardrobe.


30. Beaten type of Stefan Amal!


31. “Dualipa” with an outwear that is no better than armor.














32. “Gigi Hadid” along with “Halima” of the Rohingya  Muslim model on the cover of “Fashion book” magazine.


33. “Michael B Jordan” along with the “Prisoners”, or, as he says, “Dave and Gentle”; he congratulated him on this birthday picture.


34. It seems like Mr. bruno is very religious.


35. When you’re not a “Malone Post” fan, you can’t comment on it at all, for what you sayest will be regarded as an insult to him!



36. “Chris Ronaldo” with clothes from the brand “Versace” in a dreamy Mercedes! 

Celebrities Instagram



37. Have you ever seen Sergio Ramos this handsome?


38. Neymar and his son wrote under the picture that He misses him very much.


39. Merve Ozbey wished a good weekend for all  with this photo.


40. Murat is one of those athletes who under no circumstances skips his training.


41. “Bango” finally turned bride!


42. Gulben Ergen and her sons are enjoying the last days of the summer vacation.


43. It is determined by the skin color of Sila that she has spent most of her time on the beach this summer!


44. “Berenn saat” and his wife “Khan Duello” at the Bango Wedding. 



45. “Shahrukh Khan” congratulated everyone on Kṛṣṇa’s birthday party, or the birth of Kṛṣṇa, with this picture.


46. Salman Khan,  along with children who are likely to be nephews or nieces.



47. Priyanka Chopra, is watching the American Open Tennis Championship along with her husband’s family.



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