New visa rules

New visa rules for dependents are announced in UAE

Good news for anyone with older kids – the UAE has changed its rules on visas for dependents. Now UAE residents can renew the residency visas of their children after…

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Dubai Airport to ban single-use plastic by the end of 2019

New year, new ME. Dubai Airports has pledged a ban on single-use plastic across consumer spaces at Dubai International Airport. The journey has already started – in the past six…

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beach soccer intercontinental cup

Iran beat Russia 4-2 in Dubai beach soccer final

Dubai: Iran beat Russia 4-2 to win the Huawei Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup at Kite Beach in Jumeirah on Saturday. Mostafa Kiani, Mohammad Masoumizadeh and Hamid Behzadpour had the Iranians…

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