end of the world

The many ways end of the world can happen

It’s been 4.5 billion years since our planet came into existence. Well, it wasn’t fun or interesting for the most part because at least for some millennia it was too…

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the world in 2050

This is our world in 2050

When we think about 2050, it seems like it’s half-century away from us, while just 31 more years are left. And yet, we still make movies about the future that…

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memory chipset in the brain

Implanted chipset memory in the brain is going to be real

It’s been some decades since humans began to think about the possibility of boosting memory function. As technology advanced, we found such a dream could be a reality with electronic…

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Best Technologies of 2019

Best Technologies of 2019

Researchers  at the Gartner Research Institute recently announced the launch of a new and up-to-date list of Best Technologies of 2019, and then briefly reviewed each of them. According to…

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Artificial Intelligence

10 Jobs That Will be hit by the Artificial Intelligence

Taking Artificial Intelligence Serious Enough? These days, Artificial Intelligence has grown so much. Thanks to these advancements, it is expected that in the near future, intellectuals will be employed in…

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