largest factories in the world

The largest factories in the world

Usually, there are towers, bridges, monster-size buildings, etc., that grab our attention. When we think of the largest structures in the world, we tend to think about one of these….

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cheapest electric cars

Cheapest electric car in 2019  

Electric cars are everywhere. Maybe it needs more time to see them all over the streets, but the media is completely mad about the idea and talking about 24/7. Nevertheless,…

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car free cities

Car free cities in the world

While many companies are trying to replace fuel conventional cars with new electric cars, some cities decided to get rid of cars altogether and have a car free city! Too…

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fastest trains in the worldd

Fastest trains in the world

The railway system is one of the oldest transportation systems in the modern world. It was there even before cars. Trains have played an important role in the development of…

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car maintenance in summer

Tips to take care of your car in summer

Most people know how to take care of their cars generally. But how much do they know about maintenance in different situations? For example, it’s completely different to take care…

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