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Our world may have been made in a laboratory

About a century ago, Albert Einstein was looking for a court-proof explanation to replace bigbong. The beginning of time was philosophically unacceptable to Einstein. However, much time has passed since…

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Could time travel be possible?

Could time travel be possible?   The shortest answer to that question is yes. As you read this, you are moving into the future at a remarkable speed of one…

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World’s first robot that has a brain and thinks

Japanese scientists have developed the world’s first “thinking” robot that can tilt its path and avoid walls and obstacles. The robot has brain-like nerve cells that were grown in a…

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Abandoned cars that went down in history

You may be surprised to learn that there have been people throughout history who have parked their cars for unknown reasons for a long time, but they never remember where…

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Celebrities who became famous after death

Everyone wants to be the best in their own field. Sports, art, acting, painting or even science are no exception to the rule of love of fame. Have you ever…

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