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shortest performances that won academy awards

Stars who won Academy Award with the shortest amount of screen time

Only a few days remained until the Oscar Acadamy Awards ceremony when new academy award winners are going to be introduced to the world, including the best actor/actresses. A good…

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the selfie kingdom Dubai

Ever heard of The Selfie Kingdom of Dubai?

Dubai has now the first-ever selfie museum in the world. The museum is called The Selfie Kingdom which is a place specialized for taking selfies. The Selfie Kingdom is an…

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sytlish celebrities

Most stylish celebrities

With all new and old celebrities competing to steal the spotlight and grab everyone’s attention with their unique style, it’s not easy to come up with a list of the…

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Halloween costumes in Dubai

Where to buy Halloween costumes in Dubai

As Halloween’s approaching, everyone’s preparing him/herself for the party. But one thing stands above all about this tradition, Costumes. Probably most of you already have decided what you’re going to…

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women drivers in dubai

Women drivers are better than men in Dubai

Heard of the myth that says women are worse drivers? Well, it’s not true anymore. Not in Dubai at least. A new study by Dubai Police suggests that women drivers…

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