Tips to take care of your car in summer

car maintenance in summer

Most people know how to take care of their cars generally. But how much do they know about maintenance in different situations? For example, it’s completely different to take care of your car in summer and winter. In cold weather, it’s more about keeping it warm, protect it against freezing and maybe knowing some tips about how to start a car on a cold winter morning. But in summer, what you have to take into consideration is much more. Definitely, A car in summer doesn’t have its ideal condition. So there’s a long list of things you should check and do, from tires to the cooling system, and oil and even the engine itself!

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you. Although many of the car’s system should regularly be checked for their proper function, you can shorten the list to the most important ones.


Maintenance check-list for a car in summer

Check hoses and take notice of any fluid leaking

fluid leakage car in summer

You like it cool in summer right? Your car does too. And by that, we don’t mean just checking the fluid level of your car. That’s what you should do regularly, all year round. But to take special care for your car in summer, you need to go beyond that and check hoses health, joints, coolant reservoir and most importantly, attend any fluid leaking. As the weather gets hotter, the vehicle’s various parts start to loosen up a little. Particularly hoses, that get a little bit slack.


Serpentine belt

loose Serpentine belt

In the majority of cars, there is a serpentine belt. It’s a continuous belt that runs between the fan, the alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and air pump. As you can see, the belt has multiple jobs to do. On the other hand, as we all know, a rubber belt can become pretty loose from exposure to the heat. Besides, its rubber and it can deteriorate over time. If you want to use your car in summer without any problem, it’s important to double-check the serpentine belt.


Fluid levels

fluid's level car in summer

Although fluid levels are important in all seasons, you should keep a close eye on it in summer. Coolant fluid, windshield wiper fluid, power steering fluid, oil, and brake are all important. Most of them are in use constantly and seasonal change can decrease their quality.  The coolant liquid is probably the most important of them all and if you want your car to operate properly in summer, you should check liquid levels.


The cooling system

cleaning cooling system car in summer

By the cooling system, we don’t mean just coolant liquid. Of course coolant liquid and hosepipes are important to check as mentioned above. But the cooling system itself can cause lots of problems. Rusts can build up over time and cause problems for the cooling system efficiency. This process speeds up in the summertime. To prevent that, you can easily flush the radiator and replace the coolant liquid. Also, check for the coolant reservoir level to be maxed. To have your car in summer in full function, you better clean the radiator’s fins too as it helps to cool the liquid when it’s needed. And please don’t touch the thermostat of other parts if you don’t know exactly what’s happening. Some people believe removing thermostat in hot weather helps the car to cool itself better. While it may be true in some situations, but we don’t recommend it. Just make sure the car to its job and nothing more.


Check tires pressure of your car in summer more frequently

tire pressure summertime

Tires need to be checked regularly despite the season. Air pressure in tires changes all the time. During the winter, pressure drops and in summer it rises. Correct pressure is important. If it’s too low, the tire surface wears faster and overheat happens too. And if the pressure is too much, it leads to longer stopping distance and less control over the car. Besides, all four tires must have the same air pressure otherwise, different traction, uneven tire wear, etc., happens.


Change Filters of your car in summer

changing air filters

Besides an increased in temperature, summertime is the time for dust in the air as the ground is dried most of the time. It’s better to change the air filter to ensure no excess materials get in the car system and cause any problem. Oil filters are important too. The extreme condition puts extra pressure on oil filters and that means a shorter period for replacement. Don’t forget, it’s the oil that keeps the engine cool all the time.


Air conditioner

recharge air conditioner of car in summer

Driving a car in summer means lots of usages work for its air conditioning system. But before thinking about using the system, it’s better to fix any issues or leakages. Your car in summer sure has lots of things to deal with and putting extra pressure from the inefficient cooling system is the last thing it wants. Let a mechanic take a look and recharge the system if it’s needed.


Finding shade for your car in summer

dashboard shade car in summer

In the summertime, sunlight gets much hotter. Just try to stand in direct sunlight for a minute particularly if you’re in a country with a hot climate. If a car is exposed to direct sunlight, the temperature inside it can rise to 65 Curlicues (150 Fahrenheit) easily. That’s not what you want for your car in summer. The solution can be using a car sunshade. Or you can park your car in the shade. Besides the extreme heat that can shorten the life of many plastic parts of the car, the ultraviolet rays can make interior parts and the dashboard’s color fade too!


The battery

car battery failure in summer

The battery is another component of the car that is sensitive to heat. Battery liquid loss accelerates in summer, and so does the oxidation of battery components. It’s better to consider rather a cooler parking lot for your car in summer. Also, using air-conditioner all the time and the fan that runs most of the time to help the cooling system, affects the battery over time. It’s wise to check your car’s battery for optimum function too.


And in the end, you should know that it’s not guaranteed. You may do all the check-ups and still find your car not working suddenly. The check-list is a way not to prevent, but to decrease the occurrence of frequent summertime problems.


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