Bad habits that cause back pain

back pain

Named as one of the most common physical pains in the world, back pain is the result of our bad daily habits. Back pain is mostly the result of living in the modern era when natural body postures are continuingly ignored; physical activities have fallen to the minimum amount and all of them catalyzed by stressful and fast-moving nature of today’s city lifestyle.

Most people experience back pain problems at some point during their life. Considering how problematic this can be and how much it affects our life-quality, it’s shocking to witness the lifestyle of a great number of people who are willing to avoid some simple rules to prevent developing back pain in the future.

Although in most cases the source and cause of the back pain are identifiable, correcting the problem and neutralizing its adverse effects is not. Hence the best idea is to prevent the development of back pain in the first place. Some simple and easy to employ tips which can save your back in the long term if you do them daily.


Don’t hunch


When we hunch our back, the natural curve of the spine straightens. This position puts disks and vertebras under a lot of pressure, leading to arthritis in no time. The general rule to avoid this is to exercise back and neck every day and of course, not to hunch over as much as possible.


Bad posture

bad posture back pain

There are all different harmful postures that can hurt the back, Besides Hunching, standing too straight, looking down at the phone or computer screen, etc., have the same effect on the spine. Sitting, standing and sleeping contribute to back pain too. Poor posture puts lots of stress on the spine, causing the change to the anatomical characteristics of the spine in the long term. In terms of having good posture, there are numbers of dos and don’ts for different positions. But the general rule is to keep your back straight at all times with your face forward and the neck in a natural position. When standing on the floor, try to bend your knees. Also, it’s best to keep your hip a little higher than the knees in sitting position.


Back pain and exercise

back pain exercise

If you’re not a fan of exercise and physical activities, the chances are high for you to have back pain in the future. Muscle support especially abdominal strengthening is a key factor in avoiding back pain. Any physical activity that helps to strengthen body muscle is considered to be helpful in general, whether it’s walking, cycling, swimming or even climbing the stairs. Try to have these kinds of activities daily and of course, do them in a proper way that doesn’t hurt your back even more! For example, stair climbing shouldn’t be taken too much to hurt the knees instead of strengthening the muscles.


Smoking is related to back pain

no smoking

It’s a well-known fact that smoking causes a wide variety of problems for the body. Although most of the time back pain is not noticed to be on the list, this harmful habit can affect back health indirectly. Besides increasing cancer risk, cardiovascular problems, immune system weakening and tons of other problems, smoking can lead to disk cells starvation for nutrients. All the toxic in the blood and the poor blood circulation makes them vulnerable to any stress and encourages change contributed to chronic back pain. Smoking also affects bone structures which lead to osteoporosis.


Overeating and overweight


Being overweight puts the spin under lots of pressure (obviously). If gaining weight happens in a short time, the adverse effects can be even greater. Overweight people probably will develop lower back pain gradually. The same as the simplicity of the mechanism that this factor is related to back pain, the solution is simple too. Controlling weight is the key solution, however, achieving the goal may not be. The basic idea for treating this problem is keeping overall weight inside the normal BMI range corresponding to one’s body characteristics. Carrying heavy stuff can have the same, if not worse, effects on the spine. This includes school boys and girls overweight bags too. Generally, the bag shouldn’t weigh more than 20 percent of the person’s body weight.


Wrong shoes related to back pain

high heels causing back pain

Wearing high heels helps one look taller and more stylish, but the spine doesn’t like it for sure. High heels change the natural body posture, affecting the curve of the spine and put the whole body in an uncomfortable position. Shoes can support the weight and bone structures by having less than 2.5 cm (1inch) heel.


Sitting too much

sedentary life

Many people try to limit their activity when they’re experiencing some sort of back pain. But this won’t help. Lack of exercise and physical activity only makes muscles and bone structures even weaker and makes everything worse. On the contrary, physical activity can increase blood circulation and blood flow in the injured part. This reduces the inflammation, muscle tension and increases the healing process. So when back pain happens, stopping daily activity is not as helpful as it may look like. Instead, providing the body with corrects exercises and correcting daily habits can help it. Plus, sitting and resting for too long can decrease back flexibility and strength either, even if with the correct posture.


Bad sleeping

mattress firmness

Even the posture during the sleep should be supervised to avoid back pain in the future, just like every other activity that should be done with the proper posture. But one thing that defines the posture of our sleep is the mattress. This means to reach the correct sleeping posture, one should first pick the right mattress. Some people think a softer mattress is the best. But the soft mattress can put your body in the wrong posture, just like what the harder mattress would do. The mattress softness should be specified based on the person’s body weight so that the spine keeps its natural position and curve during the sleep. If the mattress is too hard, the curve on the back is strengthened, and if it’s too soft, the spine tends to curve too much. Both of them can lead to back pain in the long term.


How many of these bad habits do you have? How hard is it to manage them?


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