Australia on fire, before and after the catastrophe

kangaroo island road

It’s been months since the wildfire of Australia has been started and now the whole continent is burning to the ground. Many cities have been damaged by the growing flames of the fire, so many people have lost their house and lots of animals have sensed with their bare skin.

Since the start of the fire back in 2019, 10 million hectares of land was caught fire. In comparison, the widespread fires of California in 2018 covered only as much as 800 thousand hectares.

Just in the New South Wales state, there have been more than half a million dead animals that have been estimated. Ecologists are considered the destruction of the unique eco-system of Australia as a vast area of the continent now has been turned to ashes. But to see what has happened there, we have to take a look at before and after photos of the Island.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

kangoroo island

Some of the rare animals are kept on the island. One-third of the whole island’s area has seen fire and survival of these rare species is in doubt.

Mogo Wildlife Park in Australia

Mogo Wildlife Park


Sarsfield, Victoria

Sarsfield, Victoria


Cobargo’s Historic Main Street

Cobargo's Historic Main Street

Genoa Bridge

Genoa Bridge


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