12 untold facts about the Human body


You have a body with lots of amazing features that are probably unknown facts for you. Every day some more jaw-dropping facts are discovered about the human body. In Magazinna you can read some of the most incredible human body capabilities that show just how complex and brilliant human anatomy is.

Human body parts

absence of stomach

Cockroaches are famous because of their incredible resistance to death! But did you know that we have some amazing skills too?! We can continue living even without a stomach, 75% of our liver, spleen, a lung, and 80% of the intestine. It is advised not to test your ability anytime during a lifetime!

outstanding strength

human bone strength

Our bones are so strong that can withstand 8500 kilograms of weight. Of course, much smaller force in proper direction can make you say ouch for a while!

Tennis court inside your body

lung surface area

It’s just a weird fact that our lungs are so porous that its surface area is equal to a tennis court

Little precious pinky

pinky strength

Pinky is the finger we ignore most of the time. But you would definitely change your mind if you knew that 50% of your grip strength will be gone without it!

Tongue print

tongue print

Another amazing fact about human anatomy is that many parts of the human body are completely unique. There are 9 actually. Iris, fingerprint, ear, lip print, tongue, voice, toe print, teeth, and retina. But for now, don’t think of bringing your tongue out for identification.

Parasites on eyelash

eyelash mite

One scary fact about the human body is that we all live with lots of parasites. Even some of them are reading this article with you! Because they’re on your eyelashes. Almost all people in the world have mites on their eyelashes. But don’t worry. They won’t hurt you if overpopulation doesn’t occur.

The human body Skin loss

dead skin

Have you ever wondered where does all the nutrition you take every day goes? One sucking black hole in the human body system is our skin. There are always tons of repairing duties going on around the body.  Each year we produce dead cells equivalent of 4 kilograms!

Nose picking is natural

nose picking

It’s not a beautiful scene to someone picks his/her nose, but it’s not a medical condition either. Just human system logic! The nose is to be blamed for it. This human body part produces about a cupful nasal mucus every day!

No blood needed

corena takes oxygen from air

Another incredible fact about the human eye is that cornea doesn’t have any blood supply. So it consumes oxygen directly from surrounding air!

Inner dolphin of the human body

diving response

Our biology system designed such that it allows us to swim and go underwater. the human body changes different factors to make that possible. It’s called a diving reflex in which heart rate drops, more blood cells released and blood vessels narrow. Without these adaptive changes, we can’t last long in the water.

 human body Electricity generation

light bulb brain

You’re probably familiar with the light bulb glowing as a symbol of reaching an idea or thinking. It’s amazing to know that our brain actually can light a bulb when it’s active. That’s how much electricity produced as brain signals!

 We lose 94 Bones and cartilages

babies have 300 bones

Our body structure changes throughout a lifetime. We born with nearly 300 bones and cartilage but as adults, only 206 bones can be found! Where did the go? They change. Some bones fuse together around the age of 20 and some cartilages are replaced by bones.



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