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What do you do with a world full of tension and exhaustion? Let’s visualize a little bit together. Think you’ve come home after a heavy day of work when your friend or wife calls you and says, “Honey, I know you’re tired and you’ve worked a lot today, and now you need to do a really relax and get tired, so I booked you a massage therapy session and you’ll have a massage in a few minutes, baby, I’ll get you a massage.”

It was a pleasant picture, wasn’t it? I wanted to get married.


You may agree that today’s world has brought with it more physical and mental tension and fatigue as much as it has provided more amenities and connections. In this article, we will discuss massage therapy and the benefits of massage on physical and mental health, which can help to relieve daily fatigue.


Relieving fatigue, pain and physical contusions is almost the common image of all of us who have either done it for ourselves or those around us. As I’m writing this article for you good friends, I’m going through moments when my parents, when they come home from a hard daily activity, ask me to squeeze on their hands and soles with my feet or kick them. Years passed before I realized that the same thing was one of the massage techniques, and how to remove a lot of fatigue with these simple pressures on the soles of your feet.


Refreshment with massage:

We are all involved in a variety of activities, both physically and psychologically exhausted, and we choose different ways to make ourselves feel better. Do you agree to talk a little bit about which way of refreshment is the most appropriate choice?

Massage is an option that has many of these features at an acceptable level.


Benefits of massage:

Do you agree to have a re-trip in our past days before we examine the results of scientific studies on the effects of massage? In previous sections, we mentioned pressing the soles of parents’ feet and hands to relieve fatigue. Do you remember our mother tying a napkin to her head when she was in pain? Or you rub your eyes with two fingers while reading this article and when your eyes get tired, and it’s all in a situation where many of us and our parents haven’t had an education about this, and we only use these natural and simple ways to improve ourselves by experientially and observing those around us.


Now let’s see if the world of science has an explanation for this? The theory of neural valves, or gate theory, explains this very well. The name of the gate came and I didn’t want to mention myths like Nasser Hejazi and Ahmad Reza Abedzadeh, but let’s go see what the gate theory is saying? He states that cold and pressure impulses are processed in our central nervous system earlier than pain impulses, in other words, messages from cold and pressure reach our central nervous system more quickly, engaging the receptors and then blocking, and thus there is no room for processing and attention to pain impulses. That’s why our predecessors empirically realized that by pressing the painful stance, part of the pain in that part diminishes.


Massage therapy and mental health:

It is natural that the presence of pain in a part of the body also disrupts our psyche and relieves it, helping to improve the mental state. Besides, massage affects many psychological issues. For example, massage helps improve sleep quality, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, reduce depression, form feelings of security, improve marital relationships, improve parent-child relationships and many other issues.

In this article, I’m going to surprise you, my good friends. In a study project, researchers observed in disbelief that a number of infants in a nursery had died while they had received their feeding through milk jars. So far, did the text get a feeling of surprise and sadness? You will most likely be surprised if you know why these babies died. The reason for the infants’ death was that they were not hugged by nurses and had not been touched or caressed. This experience reminded us that massage and caressing and skin communication that facilitate emotional communication are the most important factors for human development, especially in childhood, and that deprivation of touch and massage in the first days of life can cost life deprivation.


This behavior even exists in animals. Have you ever wondered why animals are cuddling their baby by licking after their baby is born? Yes, you guessed correctly, cuddling is nature’s way of stimulating growth.

As you are sure, in many hospitals with maternity wards today, the baby is placed in the mother’s arms immediately after birth. Because the most important factor of human physical and mental health is in the early minutes of birth and has the greatest impact on the formation of deep emotional relationship between mother and child and also massage.



Massage therapy to reduce anxiety and stress:

Now that the author of the article and many of our audiences are sir and naturally we do not have the possibility of pregnancy, what justification is there for using massage?

Have you ever heard of uplifting hormones? What about analgesic hormones? Does the drug always relate to a high-risk substance for you, or do you think it is possible for the body to naturally produce a substance that is known as the body’s natural opioid?

Probably many of you have ever heard of endorphin hormone. Endorphin hormone is known as the body’s natural drug that has joyful and antidepressant effects. This hormone also plays a role in reducing anxiety, promoting mood, reducing stress and modulating pain impulse transmission. Modulating the transmission of pain momentum means that pain-related messages are transmitted to the central nervous system with less intensity and number, resulting in less pain in the massage area and generally throughout the body.

Other hormones secreted through massage include sertonin, somatostatin, dopamine and oxytocin. These hormones are also used in cases such as feelings of vitality, reducing pain, increasing deep sleep, helping to contract the muscles of the mother’s uterus during childbirth, helping the mother to breastfeed more properly, strengthening the emotional bond between mother and child, reducing metabolism, etc. They have a role to play.

Massage therapy for mental relaxation:

You may have also heard that the root of many diseases is in stress. Also, the persistence of stress in people’s lives increases the severity of the disease or its risk. This condition ultimately weakens the immune system and weakens against diseases. It is interesting to know that massage in this category also comes to your aid but how? The reaction to stress is regulated by the autonomic (automated) nervous system.

The automated nervous system is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, also known as the war and flight system. In a state of stress where environmental stimuli are understood and processed, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, which secretes two main stressful hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, and increases heart rate and blood pressure, contraction of muscles and increases alertness and preparation for war. Now, to calm the person down, wouldn’t it be better to activate the parasympathetic nervous system? Massage activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

After the person perceives the environmental threat as lost or safe, or simply eliminates the threat, with the activation of parasympathetic nerves, heart rate and blood pressure decrease and the muscles relax, which maintains energy for calm and so-called peace.

Massage is also effective in improving the digestive process. In the threatened state where sympathetic nerve strands are activated, blood is transferred from the abdomen to the muscles, leading to impaired digestive function, due to a lack of blood and oxygen in the area to provide the energy needed by other parts. With the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, blood flow in the abdomen increases, causing more blood and oxygen to enter the intestines, thereby strengthening the ability to digest and excrete food in the digestive system.

Massage also helps the digestion and excretion of food in the digestive system through deep hourly movements that are performed on the abdomen and agree with the flow of colon movement. However, it should be noted that in order to perform this technique, it must be at least 2 hours past the massage receiver’s meal to perform deep movements on the abdomen.


Massage therapy for whom? where is?

General massages, which cover most Swedish massage techniques, are suitable for all ages, i.e. from newborn baby to dementia elderly people in nursing homes can benefit from massage benefits.

Just as many people can benefit from the benefits of massage, massage techniques are also possible by a large number of people. Of course, in order to perform a suitable and effective massage, the proportion of age and physical strength of the massager should be taken into consideration.


What is the right place for massage?

Massage can be performed in many spaces, from the back of your desk to the break between driving in the middle of the desert, but its professional shape, like many other professions, requires a dedicated designed place for massage.

A massage-specific salon or room is designed to have low light with preferably blue or other mild colors. Another tool that is used for exposure as well as the beauty of the massage room is candles. The flame of candles has evoked a picture of beauty and tranquility for us.

Another option that makes our massage room a pleasant and calming place for the recipient’s massage is fragrances.The massage room should also be ventilated.


Massage therapy in a beautiful environment

To make the massage room more beautiful, you can use leaf flower, music and water sound, aquarium and many other facilities that creative and tasteful friends like you must be able to do as beautifully as possible.

Here in Albeit Almalaki Spa we have everything you need for a calm message.


These are the properties that our page has:

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