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Abandoned cars that went down in history

You may be surprised to learn that there have been people throughout history who have parked their cars for unknown reasons for a long time, but they never remember where their car was. Here are 12 amazingly abandoned vehicles:


1. The vehicle carrying the bodies
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Many people do not get a good look at these types of vehicles because they are trucks being taken to their final resting place. In 2014, an abandoned 1947 Buick Road master car was found in Greece, which was very strange because the evidence showed that someone had spent a lot of money repairing and upgrading it. According to its chassis number, the abandoned car was built at the Flint Michigan plant in the United States, but has undergone many changes since its arrival in Greece, which included the engine, taillights, bumpers and headlights of the 1956. Chevrolet. The car has 18 windows, some of which cover the roof of the car. It seems that at the time, people were very interested in the person inside the coffin being able to enjoy the panoramic view on his final ride. The car was sold on eBay and is now being rebuilt by an Italian expert

2. Guoqian China Ship

Many engineers around the world over the past two centuries have tried to build ships using various materials such as steel and ordinary wood, but the strangest material used to build ships is cement. In the 1970s, the Chinese used cement to build a ship called the Gokian, which weighed 3,000 tons. The ship made its first successful voyage in 1974, but after this voyage it was found that it was consuming large amounts of fuel, so it anchored on the river bank four decades later, and in 2013, in a strange decision, it was destroyed. It became a center for illegal actions and activities

3. Mobile home

Older car enthusiasts seem to have enjoyed the Buick change, as an abandoned car called the Shamrockawi was found in a garbage dump assembled from four Buick parts. This vehicle is not in its best shape now, but when it was assembled in 1962 in Michigan, USA. Dennis McCurry, as Buick’s lover, was proud to have it. This vehicle is 2 meters high and eight and a half meters long and has two fuel tanks, a bath, a dual-core air conditioner and air vents on the steering wheel. The original owner died in 1990, leaving the car in the dumpster.


4. Space Shuttle

One of the most unusual features of Prince Edward Island in Canada is the presence of the American space shuttle there! Everyone who visits the island wonders how this space shuttle got here! Has it landed here from space! The answer is no, the spacecraft is one of six US spacecraft that are replicas of the original shuttles that were placed there during the construction of a training park on Prince Edward Island. Park customers are allowed inside the shuttle to experience the feeling of being an astronaut. After 20 years, the park was closed for financial reasons and all its exhibits were relocated, but the spacecraft is still in place and waiting for visitors.


5. MAZ-543 armored truck.

Soviet if you take the opportunity to visit the Russian Academy of Military Engineering (VV Kuibyshov), you will see a rusty vehicle that was once thought to be a big surprise in ground combat. It is a rusty vehicle of a Russian truck called MAZ-543, which was provided to the Soviet Army as a wheeled trench. The potential of this truck was so great that the Soviet Army did not hesitate to develop it in 1957. This truck was much better than its predecessor, but due to its high cost it did not reach mass production and was quietly discarded, but the prototype was preserved

6. Havre Craft

In the 1990s, a pair of hovercrafts were used to transport travelers between Chowpatty Beach and Juhu Beach in the Bilapur region of India. No one knows why the project failed, but Triton blamed the local government for promising to build new sidewalks and pave the way for commuters, but the first time the two helicopters flew was in 1996. It was not the fulfillment of the promises of the officials. In addition, the fishermen blocked their way and parked their boats in the path of the two helicopters.


7. Ikranoplan

It is an airplane that can land on water in addition to flying. The Soviet Union built the aircraft during the Cold War about 30 years ago and tested several prototypes of the aircraft and found that the A-90 Orlyonok was the most successful, capable of flying at 10,000 feet. In 1972, four such aircraft were built, one of which did not fly at all, while the second crashed in 1992 and the remaining two aircraft retired in 1993. Those interested can see one of the planes in a park in Moscow’s Chino district, but they are not allowed to enter it for reasons such as the possible existence of hidden equipment or poor condition.


8. Giant drilling machines

Until 2008, Morozov was one of the largest coal mines in Ukraine, employing many workers and giant drilling rigs to transport hundreds of tons of coal daily. Now this huge mine is closed and only the skeletons of abandoned and rusty cars like the HR 1600 remain, which may be why the name “Valley of the Dead Cars” was chosen. Many of the machines in the mine are built on Soviet technology from the 1970s. The mine was one of the few sites in Ukraine where coal was mined.


9. Spruce Goose Big Plane

You may not have heard of the H-4 Hercules blue aircraft, but you have heard of the unique Spruce Goose. Hughes had hoped that his naval aircraft would be used during World War II, but he could not complete the prototype by 1947. This aircraft, made entirely of wood, first flew in November 1947 and is the world’s largest naval aircraft with a wingspan of 97 meters. The aircraft is now housed in the Museum of Evergreen Air and Space in Oregon, USA.


10. SS Aquarama

The story of the SS Aquarama goes back to World War II, where it served as a US Navy ship called the SS Marine Star. In 1952, after the end of World War II, it was used as the largest passenger ship in the Great Lakes, but consumed a large amount of fuel. In 1962, it was sold to a company in Michigan that wanted to use it instead of the Milwaukee Clipper, but was unable to pay $ 700,000 to a dredging port to accept the ship. It was repurchased by the North Shore Agricultural Company in 1987, but for some reason the company was unable to use it, and the ship docked at a pier in New York and was finally transported to Turkey in 2007.


11. Mobile Health Clinic

An abandoned, rusty mobile clinic abandoned in Prague has attracted a lot of attention because it features an X-ray scanner and a set of laboratory facilities that provide medical care to residents of remote areas of Pakistan. A photo of this vehicle was taken in 2015, which shows that at least two years have passed since its abandonment on that date. The German Development Bank donated these mobile health clinics to Pakistan in 2012, but local officials said they would not accept enough to cover maintenance costs due to a lack of drivers and technicians or even fuel and funding.


12. Floating boat

Can you imagine yourself inside this dirty house? Of course not, but if you hear the interesting story of this device, you may change your mind. This Canadian home boat was found in 2016 after crossing 2,000 miles of ocean off the coast of Ireland. The amazing thing about this boat is that it remains intact without any breakage or damage! The boat was built by a Canadian adventurer named Rick Small. Rick’s boat crossed the Atlantic without a captain, and the strange thing was that Rick found his personal belongings, including two boilers inside.


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