5 interesting tasks that you can do by your cellphone

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You will buy a new smartphone and discard your old cellphone or remove it to your memories archives soon or a month later. Maybe you want to sell your old cellphone or reward it to another person, but do you know how many tasks you can do with your old cell phone. At the rest, read The next and we introduce 5 interesting tasks that you can do with your old cellphone.

  1. Using your old cellphone as a remote control

Most of us know that we can use smart phone as a remote control for computer,  laptop or even TV, but how many of us use their phone as a remote control? A few people use their old cellphone as a remote control. So if you have an old cellphone and you didn’t use it, you can use it as a control of the television.

2. Using the cellphone as an alarm watch

If your old smartphone didn’t have enough ram for running new games and apps you can use it as an interesting alarm watch by different side accessories. You can only download a beautiful watch and convert your old cell phone to a watch by a little taste and enjoy from it by tune up and waking up. So you can turn of your cellphone during the night. It alarmed you surely.

3. Using your old cellphone as a safety camera

Almost old cellphones have cameras by more quality of CCTV cameras. Why we didn’tuse our old cellphone as a CCTV or security for our homes? Using some apps suchas SaligenEye can convert your old android cellphone to a monitoring movementcamera in the home ( it can send each movement in the environment by shortmessage service or email) or you can use TrackView apps for monitoring orrecording film from long distances.

Necessary apps for converting your old cellphone to CCTV cameras.

Surveillance , salient Eye

4- Using it as a MP3player
Most of us have a lot of music in our cellphone and we didn’t have enough battery usage. But if you have an old cellphone, you can convert it to a MP3 player and keep your new battery of cellphone. If you didn’t install apps or games on your phone, it gives you enough volume and it isn’t necessary to move your music to a new cellphone and occupied that’s memory ram.

5.Using it as an offline GPS

if you need GPS for your machine or bicycle and you can pay any money for that, you can convert your old cell phone to an offline GPS device. So it is enough that you install routing apps by offline abilities and you put your cell phone on the machine or bike and enjoy it without pay any money for internet services.


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