10 architectural structures to see before death

In this article, we want to introduce some structures with modern architectural design that will surprise you. You will probably find it interesting to know that most of these unique architectures are located in Asian countries. If you have any doubts about the second part of this article, I suggest you to read this article and see what the wonders of modern world architecture are.

  1. Guggenheim Museum in Spain

The museum was first opened to the public on October 18, 1997. The museum was designed by Frank Gehry and became known as Spain’s largest museum. The special and beautiful architecture of this building has made it attractive to visitors in terms of visual beauty in addition to its attractive items and is called one of the wonders of the world’s architecture.


2. Tokyo Sky Tree Tower in Japan

Construction of the telecommunications tower was completed in February 2012 and began after three months. Considered one of the wonders of modern world architecture, this beautiful tower was at the time the highest building device of man-made. Originally, the building was built as a telecommunications tower to broadcast broadcasting waves, but there are also restaurants and observatories.


  1. National Center for Performing Arts in China

This unique instrument, one of the finest works of modern architecture, was opened in December 2007. The building is originally an opera house and is entirely made of titanium. The designer of this beautiful instrument is Paul Andrew.

4. Al Arab Tower in Dubai

Burj Al Arab is a hotel built on an artificial island in Dubai. The designer of this luxurious building is Tom Wright, who has designed and built one of the wonders of modern world architecture. The beautiful monument, one of the best works of modern architecture, was officially opened in 1999.

  1. Nagoya Science Museum and Planetarium in Japan

In fact, the building was only a scientific museum, but recently in 2012 the planetarium was added, and basically this planetarium made it known as one of the wonders of modern architecture of the world that also has scientific and technological features inside it.

6. Cumulus Building in Denmark

It is located in the Museum of Natural Sciences and is an outdoor museum. The Cumulus building is the museum’s display hall designed by J. Mayer and is one of the ten wonders of the world.

  1. Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Located in Singapore, this 5-star casino hotel is an unparalleled building and one of the wonders of modern world architecture, a busiest entertainment complex.

8. Sunrise Kepinski Hotel in China

Sunrise Kepinski Hotel is another of the world’s 5 most magnificent star hotels, with its unique design, one of the world’s top modern architectural wonders. The spherical building has 306 rooms and has benefited from the full facilities of 5-star hotels.

9. Capital Gate Tower in UAE

Abu Dhabi’s Capital Gate Tower can be referred to as the Pisa Tower of the modern world. Like the Tower of Pisa, the building has benefited from a prominent curvature that has made it one of the best works of modern architecture.


  1. Ferrari World in United Arab Emirates

Ferrari World is the world’s largest indoor theme park that has created a unique environment for children, especially car lovers. Located in the Emirates, this magnificent building is truly one of the wonders of the world’s architecture and one of the places to see before you die.


Last word on the wonders of modern world architecture

Different structures and buildings can be considered as the most mana-made works visually. Just as much older structures have persisted to this day and in addition to the beauty of information many of the old world have provided us, these structures are not only magnificent and beautiful now, but also a legacy that may remain on earth for years and give a message from posterity today. Which magnificent monument have you seen in the world that you think should be included in the list of wonders of modern world architecture?



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